Will Bubblews Ever Stop Hiring?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bubblews - Speak Freely. Write your world.

thought crossed my mind the other day and i wrote it down to make a post about it and see what others think.

We have all come to know and love Bubblews in a short (for me), or not so short (for others), period of time.

It's a great website where we can practice our writing skills without being up to our necks in unknown and mysterious rules. We can speak freely and be relaxed while writing. We can make new friends or keep in touch with existing friends. Learn a whole lot of things. See different perspectives from all kinds of different people around the world. Share our fears, joys, thoughts, opinions and earn some good money in the process. There is no negative aspect to it whatsoever.

I don't know how many members Bubblews has right now. I also don't know how many members that post quality stuff we have here. But im willing to bet that there are a lot of members and a lot of quality writers. It's also obvious Bubblews is a great place to earn when you see people from sites like Triond and Squidoo leaving those websites to come here.

But i still wonder, will Bubblews ever "Stop Hiring". As in not allowing any new people to register?

I don't think they will. Just like none of the other "Revenue Sharing" sites or PaidToPost forums (old-mylot) ever did. But still id like to hear some opinions. Will they maybe decide someday that okay, we have a lot of members, we have a lot of quality writers. Let's stop the referral program, stop allowing new sign-ups, and work with what we have.

What are your thoughts on this?

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↠ This post was originally published on Bubblews in the Miscallaneous category by me (Bubblerian) on May 31st 2013.


Note from author: Today, on the 26th of December 2015, Bubblews doesn't exist anymore. It was recently discontinued. This website, Soap Bubbles-Land.blogspot, is where I will be reposting all of my old Bubblews posts, I found it fitting that the first post on my new blog be a prediction, if you will. I might have not predicted they will shut down, but I was technically right here, that is that they eventually. will. stop. hiring! haha

And now Bubblews is gone, and it left in the same way it came in - unreliable, dishonorable, not caring about its members. Personally, I made about $330 from Bubblews in the short few months I was writing over there. Eventually, with my first $25 unpaid, I stopped writing; and with my second $25 unpaid, I gave up on that site completely. Some time around min-2014 is when I stopped writing there.

My username on Bubblews was -> Bubblerian. If any old Bubblews friends see this, shoot a comment below...

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