What are Pearly Penile Papules!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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A condition called Pearly Penile Papules is a condition that usually afflicts younger men.

It appears on the corona of the glans in the male genital organ in the form of bumps arranged in rows. They are skin-colored bumps raised from the rest of the skin and smooth to the touch.

The diagnosis should always be done by a doctor when anything unusual appears on the genital organ of males or females because there are chances it could be something else, like HPV or Herpes which are STD's.

But Pearly Penile Papules are Not a sexualy transmitted disease. They are not cause by any bacteria or viruses and are not transmissive. The reason for them is unknown, there are only theories. One of the theories is that these bumps are caused by genetic factors like so many other conditions.

The treatment for this condition is usualy painful removal, which doesn't necessarily work. There are also natural treatments which can be applied and the results vary from person to person, due to us all being different and unique. The good thing is that usualy in time these bumps get reduced or even disappear completely in some cases.

The effects on the sexual life of the males afflicted is, of course, negative. It is completely understandable that a guy will be shy and lose self-confidence by having Pearly Penile Papules. The important part is that this is not transmissive. Over time it will be reduced or even dissapear completely. There is no pain involved with this condition and the "symptoms" are only visual = psychological.

Any female companion with some knowledge and a common sense would understand that she does not put herself in any danger by going with a male who has this. On the other hand, the Human Papiloma virus is often confused with this condition and men and women alike should always make sure their partner is clean. There is a learning curve and some education is required, but if you want to be sexualy active, you better get that basic education. You don't have to, but you might eventualy suffer for it, so be careful.

The thing to take away from this article is that if you have, or just found out that you have Pearly Penile Papules, not to worry, it's not a big deal at all. Smile! :)

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