Pencil or Pen?

Saturday, December 26, 2015


When i was a kid we always used to write with pencils, up until a certain grade in school when we were switched to pens.

Since then, i've always stuck with pen's and pencils became a thing of the past, personaly. I believe it's the same for most people.

Lately though, i started using a pencil again for my personal use at home and it's awesome.

I admit that writing with a pen looks better. It's nice. It can't be erased.

With the pencil though, first of all you can erase anything you write. Then if you want to write Sharp you can just sharpen it a second and it's done. It never happens like with the pen where it's running out of ink and you write but parts are missing and you have to pass the pen a couple of times to complete the letter or word. So a pencil, unlike a pen, always writes. As long as there is a piece of wood in your hand and a sharpener, you will write. :p

Then if you want to erase something with your pencil - not with an eraser - by just kind of scrubbing it - writing over it. You can just put your pencil to the side and it will cover a wide area quickly (plus it will sharpen itself). While with a pen in order to erase something in this way you have to use just the tip and then it takes more time because it covers a smaller area and then the pen stops working and then you run out of ink.

With a pencil you know when it will run out, when it dissapears :)

With a pen, it's a mystery.

So i came to the conclusion that pencils are better than pens. I prefer them. And i just wanted to let yall know. :D

Yellow pencil with rubber eraser

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