Dont you just hate that!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Don't you just hate when you mess something up by accident...

I'm talking about small stuff, like accidentally dropping an egg on the floor, or pushing a glass and breaking it, or spilling some sugar, minor things that have huge potential for creating a mess (Glass pieces all over, Sugar all over, egg all over)... You know, not exactly dropping a newspaper on the floor... heh

This post was inspired by my useless self a little earlier... The Worst thing happened!! I was laying in bed, totally relaxed, doing some computer stuff, so i decide to take a sip from my coffee... So i pick up the cup (or is it mug?), and i have a sip, and as i put it back in place (Without even looking) i accidentally land it on something small which made the cup not stand straight, and spill All Over the place.. :o Next to an electricity extension, on my bed, the sheets, all over the place... So i had to jump up quickly to turn off the electricity first, then get some towels fast before the bed absorbs the coffee, take away the sheets quickly... Get dizzy stop for a second (due to jumping out of bed like a maniac)...

Then i moved the bed to clean all that coffee spilled under the bed and on the bed, so i had to pass with a wet towel every surface to not leave any coffee stains anywhere, it was a true disaster...

Well anyway, just wanted to share my pain and my annoyance with myself.. Take care, and be Full of Care... Don't allow this type of St*pid Sh*t to happen to you... Much Love to all :)

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