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Saturday, December 26, 2015

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Yesterday i created my first Blog on Blogger.

I had been thinking about doing it for quite some time, but something always held me back... Can't explain what, the fear of the "unknown" maybe? The fear that i won't be able to do something that everyone says is sooo easy... I am not sure what the reason is!

But i finally did it, and i want to share a couple of things that i didn't know and had to reasearch to find out...

First of all you need a Gmail account to create a Blogger Blog. When you have a Gmail account, just google Blogger, enter the site and create a profile.

The first thing you will be asked is whether you want a Google+ profile or a Limited Profile. This is basically about "who the author of the site is". Let me explain, if you choose to go with a Google+ profile, then whatever name you have on Google+, will be your name on Blogger, and the two will be connected. If you choose a Limited Blogger account, then you will get to choose any name you want and effectively hide your true identity... As far as Google goes, it does prefer that you start your Blog with a Google+ profile rather than a Limited Profile, but still, you can change this later on also, so it's not a big deal...

Then you have created your profile. Now you have to create a Blog. When on the Dashboard of your Blogger Profile, you will see a tab called "New Blog", click on that to create your first Blog. You will be asked to choose a title, a domain name, and a template...

  • The title you choose will be displayed in the tab when somebody lands on your page, and it will also be displayed on your blog.
  • The Domain name is your blog's Address URL...
  • Make sure that the Domain Name and the Title contain similar keywords that describe as best as possible what your blog is about.
  • And the template, you can choose one and later change it if you want. Blogger has some choices, but you can also download a Template free from the internet.

At this point your Blog is created, and you can basically start posting on it...

Apparently the Blog does not get indexed right away, so don't be suprised if you google your exact domain name in Google and cannot find you Blog anywhere. When you start posting, promoting and taking care of your blog, the search engines will take notice and index it... From what i read it can take even up to 2 weeks to get your blog indexed, so i guess i'm going to find out for sure prettu soon.

I don't have any more really useful information to give, as this is pretty much where i stopped because i was doing something else these past 2 weeks and i want to finish with that before i get seriously involved with the Blog postint, SEO, traffic generation, monetization, aliens and green horses haha :)

Have a great one!

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Picture --> I took the Screenshot from Blogger's page

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