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Saturday, December 26, 2015

First Aid Kit
Let me just say that i didn't read this anywhere, it's not some medical discovery or anything that's going to save your life. It's just pure common sense.

Oxygen-breathing is one of the building-blocks of life. We cannot live without oxygen. And what's interesting is that a human can survive for many days without food. For a week without water. But cut the oxygen supply and it would take seconds to kill you. So starting with that Fact, we can surely see what's More important for life...

Then the fact that pathogenic (bad) bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated enviroment says something too... Oxygen is extremely important for life and good health, in the human (and the rest) species...

So apart from sleeping outside and being eaten by bugs or attacked by wild animals, the next best thing is to keep the windows open. Keep the balcony door's open, let the oxygen inside. And considering that while we sleep our body does most of it's regeneration, healing, destroying viruses and microbes etc, i bet you that oxygen would come in very very handy to your body to do the best job it can...

That's pretty much it. I know it's nice to lock yourself inside, lock all the doors/windows, turn on some candles and trip-out in there. But it's not healthy... So use your common sense, and open a window, hell, move your bed next to the window, let your body have what it wants/needs to have. :)

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