Egypt burning of Coptic Churches

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Let me start off by saying that i am not in Egypt, so i don't know first-hand what is happening exactly.

I read somewhere that the Muslims in Egypt are burning Coptic schools, churches, and attacking the Christian Coptic population there. And i am not sure if this is true or not because i read in this article that they are really brutally attacking. I know that it's probably true because it is a situation that has been going on for years and it doesn't seem to stop. However, why isn't the public responding and doing anything about it?

I mean, they want to wage war on Syria because of those rebels situation, but what about the Copts in Egypt? And the funny thing is that it's the Christian countries that want to get involved in Syria, but they won't do anything to protect a Christian population of another country which is being oppressed and attacked...

It just seems to me that if they want to protect human rights like they say they do, it would make sense that they - NATO, UN, EU - would say to Egypt that if this situation doesn't stop, there will be hell to pay....

I guess this proves once again that the powers-that-be are only interested in Oil, money, and power. And i guess Egypt doesn't have anything valuable enough, or is not on the agenda yet, because i am sure that if Egypt had oil, or gold, or diamonds, or anything really valuable, then the Americans and the Europeans would surely use the attacks against the Coptic population there as an excuse for an invasion...

Once again, proof that it's all about the money... And the funniest people are the public which actually believes that for example NATO should bomb Syria because Assad's government is attacking the rebels... There are no rebels, there are only NATO, EU, and Catholic church funded mercenaries which do what they are paid to do.

Oh and before i forget, in the words of Charles Manson: public opinion is a toilet paper commercial... I think he's very right :)

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