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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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This tutorial will teach you how to install a Pinterest Sharing Button on all the pictures on your Blogger Blog. However, the same code should work on most - or all - other platforms too...

The code i will give you is the official Pinterest code, so i would assume it is the best one you can install on your website. How it works is that the Pin It button appears every time somebody hovers with their mouse over a picture on your site...

First of all Backup/Save your current template, just in case something goes wrong, but there shouldn't be any problems as the tutorial is easy and simple.

To install the button, go to your Blog's Dashboard, then click Template, then Edit HTML.

Now, in the HTML area of your blog, look for the following piece of code:


Once you find it, ABOVE that code, you will need to paste the following piece of code:

<script type= "text/javascript" data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>

After that, save the Template, and go to your site, you should see the "Pin" button whenever a picture is hovered over with the mouse pointer.

My understanding is that this hovering effect will not be shown to users with a Mobile, only if there is a mouse present will this button be shown. However, personally i like the button since it doesn't take any space on your site anywhere and only appears when and where it actually needs to appear...

For any questions, comment below, and if i can, i will help.. :)


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