What if you had a Million Dollars?

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Wondering, what would you do if you had a Million Dollars..?

Personally, i believe i would first find a way to invest a part of it so that i keep getting some sort of income.. Passive income...

Once that's all set-up and running. I would love to become Self-Sufficient.

But a piece of land somewhere, with a house, or build a house. Then take care of getting some solar panels and wind and any other type of energy generators i can get my hands on, for free electicity...

Then i would need to set-up a garden with all kinds of organic vegetables and fruits. Maybe some animals for milk, eggs etc... Not for killing them... I don't like to kill living beings. I leave that to religious people, to kill things... :)

Now that i got my electricity, food and a roof over my head taken care of... It's time to find ways to increase that passive income i am generating, because 1 Million Dollars will only go that far...

Then i would need some security measures for protection. For my food, my home, my life... Hopefully i will be able to live in a country that allows me to bear arms, at home, for protection, so i will need some guns and ammunition... Tall walls, cameras, killer dogs, all the equipment for protecting myself from unwanted intruders...

Once everything is set-up. I am done with all i want to do...

Then i believe i could look into ways to help some other people. Give some extra food to some homeless people. Maybe get a shelter going on where homeless people could go and sleep under a roof instead of out in the open...

At this point i could also have some kids with a woman... Later on the woman would leave me, but i'd have my kids, which is good enough for me... :)

Yes, i need a Million Dollars...

If anyone wants to donate a Million Dollars to me, leave a comment in the comments section... Please! :D :D :D

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