Fake Spanish Soap Operas!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Fake Spanish Soap Operas!

I don't watch TV anymore. Since a few years ago i stopped watching TV. I don't avoid it or anything, i just choose not to watch it. I mean, i can brainwash myself with what i choose to do/watch on the internet, i don't need them brainwashing me with their stuff.

Just now i went to eat, and there was a TV there playing a Spanish/Mexican Soap Opera. You know the ones im talking about, i remember Rosalinda and Rosalita and all those that were on when i was a kid, you know, before i reached the age of reason.

Well, i didn't really have a choice, so i took a glance at it, listened to it. Oh my God, this is sooo fake, it's unbelievable.

First this woman over-hears her husband(i guess) talking with some other woman and they say how they slept together or something. So she jumps in the room and starts shouting and i hate you and blah blah... So she leaves the room and the other woman and the husband(i guess) follow her and they all stop - to continue - the conversation near the stairs. They should a little at each other, the woman walks down the stairs, and falls (I knew it was going to happen the moment they stopped near the stairs). hahaha

Then next scene, 2 brothers are fighting because of that woman in the first scene, not the wife(i guess), the other "Evil" one. Evil, but pretty my goodness... So they're fighting and i'm watching them, and it's as fake as it can be, no blood, no nothing, just a fake fight...

So eventualy, i don't know if i was fed with food. Or fed-up by the show. I got up, and came back to my room, and took a deep breath of relief... Glad that's over.

Don't watch those Spanish Soap operas kids. There's nothing to see there. I mean apart from getting an idea for an awesome Bubblews rant/complain/review post, nothing else positive can come out of watching those shows... Consider yourself warned! :p


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