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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rich VS Poor written on hand knuckles

This is a translation of a song i like, from Serbian to English. I tried to make it a literal as possible, but still understandable. It's cool and funny. :D

I have had it all - I have had nothing
I have pure gold - I have never seen gold 
My room is warm - My room is leaking rain
My plate is full - My sausage is cold
I hunt lions - I hunt mouses
In my room's a tiger - In mine a plush blanket
I "sleep" with models - I sleep alone
I've been all over the world - I haven't left my village
I have a Limousine - I have a bicycle
I spend my money in casino - I don't have wood for winter
When girls see me they stare - When they see me they cross the street
I light up a Cohiba - I hand-roll tobacco

My house is a Vila - I don't have where to sleep
I have all i need - I wish to have it all
I eat only caviar - I don't even have for bread

I am a member of a political party - I am my brother a gypsy
My friends are politicians - Mine are all gypsies
Around my neck gold chains - I don't have brother nothing
I buy only "brand new" - I gather old paper
I have a boat - I shower in the lake
My teeth are golden - I have every second tooth
I spent my summer in Cuba - I slept on the bench
I am involved in crime - I am in the channel
Everybody's with me - I am still in the channel
I visited panama - I fell in a lake
At my place i have a black girl - I don't have a place or food
At my place i have a plasma - I dreamt about fish

This is the song:

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