The Problem with Social Media Shares!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Social Media Thumb Up!
I want to share my opinion on Why Bubblews has an issue with too many social media shares. This is just an opinion of mine, which makes sense.

A lot of people sit and wonder about this and they say stuff like: "But that will bring more traffic to Bubblews, it doesn't make sense".

Well, yes it will bring more traffic to Bubblews, true... But it could also stop bringing any traffic to Bubblews, and that would be catastrophic... Let me explain.

First of all Bubblews pays us for Social Shares. And it's counted as a raise in views. Another misconception people have is that the moment they share on Twitter or Google+ or Facebook, and gain 10 views or something, that people actually clicked on their link and read their articles.. That's not the case.. The instantaneous views you get is Bubblews giving those to you = Paying you for social shares...

Now, i'm not sure about this one, but i think that only the First share per social network is paid for, so 1 share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc etc...

So sharing in order to earn more by automatically inflating your views is not the problem, assuming i am right and we are paid only for the first share which is made on each post of ours.

The problem is - simply put - in Bubblews Links getting marked as Spam. Imagine Facebook marking Bubblews links as Spam, and nobody would be able to share Bubblews links on Facebook anymore, at all!! That would be a huge hit for Bubblews... And Facebook does this with many link shorteners and various sites, they block the links originating from certain sites, and so those links Cannot be shared on Facebook anymore...

Now, if everyone shares their each article once, and then maybe get 2-3 more shares from the readers sometimes, that's ok...

But imagine 60.000 people posting only 2 articles on average per day, that's 120.000 Articles per day. And then sharing each of those articles on average 10 times per article... Tht would make it 1.200.000 Daily Bubblews Shares on Facebook alone... No way it would be allowed by facebook for long...

Anyway, there you go, my opinion on this whole Social Sharing our Bubblews posts... I'm not saying i know it to be so, but this is what i believe and this makes sense to me... Any feedback is of course appreciated, especially if you know something i don't and could tell me if/why i am wrong...

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