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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bubblews Dashboard

I posted an article about how i slept for 15 hours -->

It was good, i woke up all regenerated and feeling good.

But then i came to Bubblews and i had 350+ notifications.

So i opened the page where they are all shown. Scrolled competely down until the end of the page and saw that the notifications only went 11Hours back.

So between my 15 hours of sleep and the 11Hours of notifications, there is a 4 hour notifications period missing.

I would like to be able to see the whole thing because maybe i have a new connection i'd like to connect back to. Maybe an article i missed which i would like to read. A comment on my article or someone elses article that i commented on to which i'd like to respond to. A new like. I just hate missing stuff like that. It goes against my perfectionist ways :p

So i guess my question is. Is there a way to go further back into my notifications?

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Picture --> I took the Screenshot

↠ This post was originally published on Bubblews in the Miscellaneous category by me (Bubblerian) on May 29th 2013.

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