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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Poor monkey in a cage

I had an idea yesterday i wanted to share with the world. I put it in the Crime category.

I am totally against the Animal Testing they are doing and how they torture animals in that way. I am also against putting animals in cages - like in Zoo's - and taking their freedom away. It's wrong!! What if animals decided they want their own personal human zoo? And then they put 10 white males and femals, and 10 blacks, and 10 browns in zoo's, I bet a lot of people would have a lot of things to say then. Animals are living beings just like humans are, so what gives us the right to torture them like that? I mean, if i stab you, you bleed and you hurt. Same thing with animals, so just because they can't complain verbally means they have no rights? What's that all about.

And all these religious folks running around preaching "Though Shall Not Kill". And they kill on a daily basis...

Anyway, i am not going to go out and demonstrate because i am not going to put myself in jail - Democracy my a** - and i also don't need any attention or anything like that. What i am going to do is write this blog post, to express my complains. Consider this me demonstrating :D

So i got an idea. A few days ago i was watching somewhere and they were talking about some drug, cocaine, or crack, and they were showing the brain of a monkey and how it was before they gave the monkey drugs, and how it became after giving him the drugs. I got upset!

How about this, instead of torturing an animal, why don't they put up an advertisment, and get humans to willingly sign up for the testing. It's a win-win situation because the addict is going to get free drugs. And the scientists are going to get their results. Everybody wins.

That's the right way to do it.

Besides, whatever testing they got going on, they are just going to find out whatever whoever is paying for the research wants them to find. For their own agenda, so leave the animals out of your stupid human games, out of your zoo's and your war's on drugs, and whatever other games you people play, and use humans to test stuff, it's only fair. Because if animals come up to you and want you to test something for them, then we can talk about using animals to test things for animals. But if you're testing something for humans, then what gives you the right to test those things on animals. Test them on humans, and we have no problem.

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