Slept for 15 hours!

Friday, November 11, 2016


Goog morning everyone.

Last night i did something i rarely/almost never do.

After being awake for approximately 35 hours. I turned off the lap top, turned off the hard discs, turned off the little lamp next to my bed. And i turned around in the bed and went to sleep...

I usualy fall asleep watching something or listening to music, leaving the lap top turned on, sometimes the headphones are still on my head and the mouse stays on the bed so by the morning i find the mouse dropped on the floor. The hard discs stay on, the light stays on. I usualy kind of faint in my bed because i can't take it anymore.

Last night though i made a coscious decision to sleep, made the preparations and slept... For 15 hours :o

Now im awake again, and feeling better than ever. Have a beautiful day everyone :)

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