The Highest Bubblews Honor!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A few hours ago i was honored by BubblewsSupport1 Liking one of my posts.

The thing is that in the past 2 weeks i really started checking out BubblewsSupport1 & 2 posts and profiles often to keep an eye out for any new rules, updates, or changes. And i slowly realized that they actualy go and Like/Dislike/Comment on other people's posts and everything. I never knew. Before i used to think that they only go and comment on posts to inform people about broken rules etc.

So after realizing they are actualy active in Liking/Commenting, i got dissapointed because they never liked or commented on any of my posts. :(

I always speak as highly as possible about Bubblews and post quality posts and promote Bubblews and conversate with people who say Bubblews is a scam wherever i might be on Forums, Discussions, Social Media and everything... So it was a little dissapointing i never got a like from them or anything. But getting paid every time and on time was proof enough that they are satisfied with me. :)

Of course, if i would see in my notification area "BubblewsSupport1 Commented on your Post" - That would be scary stuff, i would freeze and approach that comment like you approach a lion in the jungle.. or an abandoned house in the middle of the night.. you get the feeling. :p

Well, it happened, they/he liked my post. It finally happened. And made my day!

I consider it the Second Highest Honor on Bubblews. Of course, the Highest Honor would be Arvind himself Liking or Commenting on a post.


And Bubblews's time is Perfect!! The day (2 Days ago) i end up in the hospital after my little dentist complication, my eCheck clears and my next one arrives to make me feel better.

Then today.. Especially today when i have to go to the dentist to finish the root canal procedure which has tortured me for 2 weeks now, they Like my Post to make my day and give me a good, happy feeling.

I can't express the satisfaction i feel in words. :)

Thank You for Everything Bubblews - And all the people behind Bubblews - All the people that make Bubblews possible for us... You know you got a lot of fanatical supporters, taking over the whole internet together... ;)


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Picture --> I took the Screenshot!

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