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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Let me begin by saying that i like playing computer games, it's what first got me turned onto computers when i was a kid. A neighbour got one and he had this awesome game on it which he let me play sometimes, i would want to sit on that computer for hours and hours. Then at some point my parents bought me a computer and i started sitting on it for hours and hours...

Well, here are some games of my childhood which i remember with a lot of fondness and love... Even more, occasionally every once in a great while, i still might play for a few days any one of these games, just until i get bored of it again...


1. Pharaoh --> This is the game that got me addicted originaly, the first real computer game i played. I say real because i've played at that point some solitaire and minesweeper, but this was different. It was graphic and organized and you were building cities and civilizations. It's just an awesome strategy game which plays out in Ancient Egypt. There are scenarios which you go through and you build your cities, gather food, fight enemies. It's really detailed and just a perfect game as far as im concerned... Really relaxing too... The Cleopatra expansion that came out later i didn't really like it that much. It was like when they take a good classic movie, re-make it to make it modern and ruin it...


2. Heroes of Might and Magic III --> This is also a strategy game, it resembles chess in the way the game is designed and the battelfield because you get a move, then the other player gets a move. The same in battles, each player get's a move and it's a really great strategy game... The Heroes of Might and Magic that came out before the III (3rd) version and after the 3rd version, i didn't like those...


3. Cossacks --> Another strategy. I loved the freedom in this game because you could amass enormous armies (to the point the computer gets stuck because it can't handle all the data) and attack everyone and make a mess out of everything... An awesome game, and i remember when we used to play it online with the slow internet connections and had all these connectivity issues... Ahh the good old days


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