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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Bubblews is the first true passive income i've made online since i got into Making Money online a few months ago.

My last redemption - the 3rd one - i remember i clicked redeem and then i went to sleep. Then next day when i woke up i already had $1+ in my account. I was amazed and happy.

Last night i clicked the redeem button for the Fourth time, and went to sleep. I woke up today and after a few hours i logged in Bubblews and found this happy picture waiting for me.


This is truly passive income, the real deal, made it while i slept :D

As you can see, most of it came from views. Of course, the comments and the likes came from members of Bubblews, but the views i believe came mostly from the search engines, some forum posts i made here and there where i also include a link to my bubblews posts, and social media (facebook).

The search engines visitors i get is connected to the quality of my posts. I do okay in this area.

The forum posts... Whenever im posting in a forum and come across a topic where i can include a link from a post i made on Bubblews, i do it. I think this is a great way to keep getting views because as long as that thread on that forum is up, and people visit the forum, a view can always be made. And overtime the number of links you spread keep increasing and so the views keep increasing.

Social media. I promote on Google+, Twitter and Facebook... Google+ and twitter suck (excuse my french). On Twitter, an hour after you post a link, it's already lost in the depths of the internet where no one will ever see it again. Google+, i don't know what the H... happens on that one. Facebook, this one is the only social media which is worth it. First of all the posts on my profile will be seen by friends and anyone who visits my facebook page. Then we have the few Bubblews groups i am a member of, these are okay for getting instant views, but an hour after you share your post, it get's buried just like it does in Twitter, so it's not really going to bring any passive income. Then we have Facebook groups, i have a few posts on a couple of facebook groups which appear to stay on page (because the group isn't being updated) and every once in a while i get a like or a comment, that means that every once in a while, someone opens a post i shared there and i get a view, heck, maybe even a "Random User Likes your Post".

So there it is. I explained it as best as i could. I consider all my posts to be a part of an empire i am building, so sharing my links/posts on places where they will stay and people might come across them i believe to be the best thing one can do for passive income...

Thank you for existing Bubblews. Thank you for making it possible Arvind. :)


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