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Friday, October 7, 2016


I put this article in the health category because ultimately when a person is addicted to anything from drugs to food, it will negatively affect their health...

But im writing this to complain, sort of.

These psychologists and politicaly correct people have turned everything into an addictive substance and a drug. To make money, if you ask me.

They turn and say drugs are addictive and alcohol is addictive and coffee and tobacco and even some pharmaceuticals and and and...

Well, you know what... I've been using the bathroom since i was born. Does that mean the bathroom is addictive? That's a question i have to ask...

Personaly, i have been smoking cigarettes since i was 13 years old. Been drinking coffee and alcohol since i was 15 because that's when i started working full time and i had all the coffee and alcohol i wanted for free, at my work.. I also smoked grass since i was 16-17 until 6 months ago. I turned 23 years old 6 months ago.

Now, coffee and alcohol i don't see how those are addictive.. I drink those if i want to drink them. If not, i don't and that's the end of it... Pharmaceutical drugs i hate those chemical things, so i stay completely away from them and the only reason to swallow a pill is if im "dying", to save my life.

The drugs, i smoked grass for years. And i get it how it can pass as addictive, but whenever i was out of money i stoped smoking. It's not like i would give my last money to buy a gram. I would stop smoking, i would work, save up money, and when im financialy comfortable again, i would start using again.

So at the end of the day, none of those substances that they sell as addictive so that they can make money, it's all bull***t...

I will not talk about other drugs like heroin, ecstasy etc, because i cannot talk about something i have no experience with. Becaue im real like that. The reason i never took those is because i would never take anything that i feel like it would hurt me.

At the end of the day, the only "addiction" i have are cigaretters, but i still wonder... Am i addicted because my body needs it? Or because i like smoking? I don't know yet...

Anyway, they need to stop buying and selling addiction. They need to stop buying and selling blood. They need to stop buying and selling invented psychological conditions that don't exist. And then we can have peace...


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