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Friday, January 15, 2016

When i was a kid i used to love watching sports, especially football (or soccer, for some).

I used to honestly cheer for the teams i supported and watch it and be all excited and interested in the games and the players and everything. And then, slowly slowly, step by step, i grew up, and stopped it...

Problem is that you realize that the players are for sale, the referees are for sale, the coaches, assistant managers, everybody is for sale, and it's all set-up and bought...

Now don't get me wrong, i am not saying that it's all sold and set-up, and so there is no point in watching thinking that "may the best win"... All i'm trying to say is that Most of it is set-up, and the best clearly won't win, the one with more money will win...

And i'm not talking only about professional sports, i also put the younger or amateurs in this category. Here's my rule of thumb, if you can bet on it, it's most probably set-up to some degree...

All that's left that's real is maybe children playing sports. But then again the parents may always have a talk with the referee...

That's it folks, no one and nothing can be trusted. So you can watch sports, sure, but understand that it's just entertainment and nothing more. Just like WWF wrestling, you know, fake stuff, bought and paid stuff, with a bunch of actors in it...

Now That's a negative way to look at life!! :D

Will i be attacked for my political ideas? o_O :p

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