Eat to Live - Dont Live to Eat!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of listening about food.

All my mom and my grandmom ever talk about is food. Food and fruits and vegetables and what will we eat tonight and what did we eat before and how good the food is and what food we bought at the store and what kind of food there is to eat and what food there is in the fridge and what food someone sent over and how awesome the food at this or that place is Food Food Food - Get A Life Already!!!

Sick of it! All this talk about food, i never want to eat... Is there nothing more important in life than food? What's that all about?!!

I don't do the whole sit on the table to eat and talk about food while eating thing and giving compliments and smiles to the person that cooked the food...

Food is food... When i'm hungry, i will go to the fridge, open it, take out the salami, the cheese, the tomato, make myself a sandwich, and eat while doing things on my computer or something else... I eat to survive, so i don't waste time strictly for eating as if it's some sort of a f**** celebration... I do Food in-between other things - while i do other things - when i have the time and feel like eating...

Anyway, i don't want to see any food posts today... Please :D

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