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Friday, January 22, 2016

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This is not a huge topic, so i will briefly describe everything one needs to know about Bubblews's Referral Program.

What is a Referral?
A Referral is someone who registers on a site using your referral link or code. The referrer usualy has some incentive to refer people to a site.

Where can I find my Referral Link?

On your profile, in the upper right corner click on "My Hub" --> Then on the Drop Down menu click on "Referral". As shown below:

Bubblews Dashboard - My Hub - Referral Red Arrow

Then you will be taken to a new page where you will find your Referral Link.

On the next page you will also find the following information about how much do we earn from our referrals and how the process works:

Property of Bubblews:

"Make money by sending this referral link to your friends. You will receive 0.20$ on their first post! Please check this area frequently as the amount paid per referral will vary based on the time of day."

So basically how it works is, when somebody registers on Bubblews using your referral link, you will earn $0.20 cents when they make their first post. Those $0.20 Cents will be credited to your Bubblews account.

As of now, the only way to know if somebody registered as your referral is from the notifications area when they make their first post. You will get a notification that looks like this:

Bubblews Mentioned in a Post, Posted using Referral Link, Submitted New Post

The other way to tell is from your bank. Basically, we get paid $0,01 cents for each of the Views/Likes/Comments our Posts generate. So when you put that all together in your bank area, and you see that you have $0.20 or $0.40 or more in your account than what you should have, it means that someone registered with your Ref. Link and made their first post. Here is an example from my last redemption made yesterday:

Bubblews Analytics Bank - Posts, Likes, Dislikes, Views, Comments, Total

Note: We are Not getting paid for Dislikes, so don't include that in the calculation.

That's it... I don't think i've left anything behind, if you think i forgot something that should be included, feel free to complete the post in the comment section. :)

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