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Friday, January 29, 2016

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Let me start by saying the following:

I am a member of a Group on Facebook called - "Let's Blog Together" ->


On the group's page there was a discussion less than an hour ago. It didn't start off with having anything to do with Bubblews deleting accounts, but it took such a turn at some point for a few minutes.

Me being tired - haven't slept all day and night - full of adrenaline and coffee - commented something, and feel it deserves it's own post. These are my comments, my content, my copyrighted material. Just to be known :)

I said the following (Un-Edited):


"I believe that just deleting accounts out of nowhere is the worst thing they can do. They MUST give a warning!!!

Personaly, i have been following All the rules (i know of) and have been paid 4 times, each time i redeemed... I also back-up ALL of my articles...

Now, if they start deleting accounts, and say somebody has 10-20-50-100+ Articles on Bubblews. And they delete that account with all the articles. Do you know how much effort of that other person who might have broked the rules unknowingly they are deleting? That content can be used elsewhere, or at least maybe that person will want to save the content for himself/herself. Because it's personal, because whatever the reason...

So if Bubblews starts deleting accounts, they should warn the people whose accounts will be deleted in advance, so that those people can save and back-up their content... Otherwise, they will lose a lot of credibility from members and non-members of Bubblews, and they will deserve it... If they do that...

Now don't get me wrong. We all know the Plagiarizer, the referral links filled posts, the rule breaking guys... You read 3 of those people's articles and you just know that they are not worth anything. So i could understand for them to delete the occasional account out of the blue.

But for those people who have clearly put some effort into creating original content, but have broken some rules or something and will lose their accounts, well those people must be notified in advance... Must be!!!"


I think i've said it all...

Don't get me wrong. I didn't say this because of any unjustice i have witnessed or anything like that. Bubblews has always treated me fair, just like any user that follows the rules. Most people have only positive things to say about Bubblews.

But i am posting this - even though i assume they already know and keep in mind everything i said - as a friendly reminder. Not for me, i have all of my articles backed-up, and i back up all of my new articles as well, so i am not concerned about the above danger. But im sure most people don't back-up all of their articles and would hate to/be devastated to lose all of their articles with no warning or time to save them...

That's all :)

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