Bubblews was Down! Lots of Questions! Update 3.0? MyLot Traumas!

Friday, December 23, 2016


Terrible scary experience...

Bubblews was down for too many hours and too many people didn't have anything to do. It was an empty feeling, as if something was missing. I am so happy it's back on!! :)

I remember seeing in one of Arvind's posts that the 3.0 Update will be introduced to us in Three Stages, so was this stage One? If yes, is it complete? When are the second and third Stages coming? Are we going to "lose" Bubblews for 10 and 10 Hours again? Longer? :(

What has changed on Bubblews now with the update? What will change when all three stages of the update are complete? Because up until now, i don't see anything different, which is totally fine with me, i would hate to come back and see the site completely changed, and have learn how to navigate it and where everything is all over again... I am certainly not one of those people to mess with what works, and Bubblews works as far as layourt, buttons, navigation goes, so no need to mess with that... :)

Well, i'm glad Bubblews is back, like i said, something was missing while it was gone...

On the other hand i got some MyLot traumas as far as updates go... I remember how everybody on MyLot was expecting all these great things with the update and people were guessing about what might the update be all about, and it turned out to be the destruction of an otherwise perfect site. Oh well, Bubblews is back, so i can relax again :D

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