How to Replace/Change/Delete a Picture You Posted On a Bubblews Post!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few hours ago i posted a post in order to say something that made me really happy.

I also had a screenshot of what had happened, but in my rush to share my news, i forgot to edit it and left the name of a person in the picture that i didn't want on there. So i post my article...

After realizing what had happened, i +Panicked a little.

I went to +Edit-post hoping i could delete the screenshot and upload an edited copy (without the name). Not Possible.

Then i searched and found another way where someone said to edit the post, then change the Layout to No Photos and submit it again. And then just edit it again to upload the picture/s you want. Tried it, not possible either.

I was panicking at this point a little more. It wasn't a huge deal, i just like to get things done the way i want them done...

So evenutaly i though to just upload the edited +Picture in hopes that it would replace the one i had +Uploaded originally. I was worried what if they both get stuck in the post somehow and i have to end up deleting the whole post (which already had a good amount of views/likes) and reposting because it would look terrible with 2 almost identical pictures.. But i tried it, and it worked! :)

Let me break it down for you so that you know what you do in case you need to at some point. First you go to the post you want to edit, and click here:

Then you click here and you know the drill, a window will pop-up and you will chose an +Image from your computer to upload.


And then you click Submit, as shown below:


A lot of you probably already know this, but if you didn't know before, now you do. It just takes a second to do and it works. Happy Bubbling Fellow Bubblerians!

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Pictures --> I took the Screenshots!

↠ This post was originally published on Bubblews in the Tutorials category by me (Bubblerian) on June 11th 2013.

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