Bubblews Redemption - "eCheck payment in progress"

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Ole Ole!! Let's hear it for Bubblews!!

On Friday i clicked the redeem button shortly after i wrote this post:

I just received an email a few minutes ago, saying "eCheck payment in progress". The amount stated in the email is correct, all good.

So im thinking okay, my redemption request is acknowledged and should be processed soon enough (a couple of days, a week or two)

Anyway, this is great news, i feel so happy. But i'll be even happier when i the money gets deposited on my account. Actualy i'll be the happiest when i get cash in my hand!! It's like, show me the moooney! :D

The question im having is, does this mean they have reviewed my account and i will get paid for sure?

Or it means that they have seen my redemption request and are now going to decide whether to pay me or not?

How does it work, what happens now? 


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