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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grandma's Recipes
This is a simple recipe that my grandma told me about how to make a Jam or Chocolate Roll sweet.

Personaly i'm not a great cook, i don't particularly like to cook, but it's good to know a little something about everything. One major way in which men can benefit from knowing to cook a little something is with women, they apparently like a man who knows how to cook, for whichever reason.

Okay, so here we go, simple recipe.

Take a plastic bowl.
In the bowl break 4 eggs and put 4 soup spoons of sugar.
Mix that with a mixer well.
Then add 4 soup spoons of flour to the mix.
Mix that a little bit with a spoon (not with a mixer and not a lot)
Then take a casserole and spread some oil on the bottom, not a lot.
Take your mix of eggs, sugar and flour and spread it in the casserole. It should make a thin spread.
Put the casserole in the oven and bake that for 15 minutes on a temperature of 200.
When done, take the casserole out of the oven and the thin spread should have formed a crust.
Put Jam or Chocolate or whatever else you want on top of the crust and spread it out.
Then roll the crust, and you're good to go.
Cut your rolled candy into pieces and serve it.

It's easy, simple and i think anybody can make it with simple ingredients everyone has in their kitchen.

There is not much room for error in this recipe and it takes very little time to make from beggining to the end. Enjoy!

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