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Saturday, April 23, 2016


I will "Review" 3 of my Favorite Crime Movies. I haven't watched them for some time now, but i think i can give a quick review about each... Highly recommended, all three of them.


American Gangster (2007)

This movie is played out in the 70s, and is a true story. One of the best Crime movies i have ever seen. I mean, you can't go wrong with Denzel Washington. It has to do with a guy whose Boss - who was Italian - dies, and suddenly everybody is taking over territory and nobody is paying debts. So Frank Lucas decides to do something crazy, he goes to Vietnam and arranges through his connections to have the US Military ship High-Grade Heroin into the US, where he sold it... Seriously, if you like Crime movies and have never seen this one, you're missing on some good education and wisdom... Awesome movie!


The Business (2005)

The story is played out in the 80s, if i'm not mistaken. It begins in England, with a young guy who beats up his step-father for hitting his mother. Generaly the guy's life isn't going anywhere. Long story short, he ends up in Spain and gets offerend a job, crime-type-drugs job. Well, he just let himself go and decided to live the life of crime, when the opportunity appeared. I like this movie because it's realistic, and at the same time relaxing... Plus it has a happy ending, sort of, which is nice... Driving off into the sunset! 


Scarface (1983)

This movie is 30 years old, but it's a Must-Watch for every Crime-Movies lover... It's about a Cuban immigrant-criminal moving into the United States and after working for a short while washing dishes, he starts getting involved with crime and mainly Drugs. But this guy is crazy, and i mean really crazy and he has big ba**s!! I won't give away the whole movie, but the drug in question is cocaine, and a lot of it... It's a long movie, so set aside 3 hours to watch the movie, you can't go wrong with Scarface!! ;) 


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